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Deze nieuwe Rail Annotatie is opgezet met de faculteiten CiTG, 3mE en TPM, maar binnen de TU Delft campusbreed te koppelen aan alle opleidingen. Geïnteresseerde studenten kunnen zich aanmelden bij Professor Rolf Dollevoet om in overleg de courses en het afstudeerproject inpasbaar te maken in het betreffende curriculum.
TU Delft

Annotation Railway Systems Engineering

The annotation Railway Systems has been developed to provide the industry with scientifi cally trained engineers. Knowledge of the entire railway system is vital to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow. Due to retirements, the railway sector is losing its skilled professionals rapidly. Therefore, a signifi cant demand exists for well-trained engineers that can create, test and validate our future railway networks.

Delft University of Technology is well known for its wide range of railway education and research. This new rail annotation provides an opportunity for students of various Master’s profi les to add a fundamental set of railway courses to their curriculum. From a systems approach, integrating operations and engineering, you will be prepared to become a certifi ed railway expert.

The annotation Railway Systems consists of the following components:

  • Compulsory courses (8 ECTS)
  • Elective courses (14 ECTS or more)
  • Graduation thesis on rail related topic (30-40 ECTS)

1 ECTS = 28 hrs study, according to the European Credit Tranfser System (ECTS)
One academic year is 60 ECTS

Compulsory Courses
Elements of Railway Engineering, CIE4874
Railway Operations and Control, CIE5826

Elective Courses
Planning & Operations of Public Transport, CIE4811-09
Structural Design of Railway Track, CIE4870
Design and Maintenance of Railway Vehicles, CIE4871
Wheel Rail Interface, CIE4873
Railway Traffic Management, CIE5803-09
Capita Selecta Rail, CIE5871
Performance by Design, CIE5874
Railway Asset Management, CIE5875
Transport Safety, TPM004A

Objective of the Annotation
The primarily goal of the annotation Railway Systems is to create MSc programmes that cover both Railway Engineering and Railway Operations. Railways are complex, combining multidisciplinary aspects from subsystems of infrastructure, operations, management, safety and policy. The railway infrastructure (track, power supply, rolling stock, safety and signalling) should facilitate the desired railway operations (train services, traffi c density, heterogeneity, synchronisation, speed) based on the transportation demands. Future railway engineers should have an integral knowledge on the whole system and interactions between subsystems.

Cooperation with the industry
The railway sector has a big demand for scientifi cally educated engineers with a broad knowledge of the whole railway system. With this rail annotation, new railway engineers can easily fi nd employment in the diverse railway sector; fi elds like railway administrator, railway operators, urban rail transit, engineering and consultancy, contractors and within the government. Various railway related companies are closely involved in the setup of our education, so we make sure our lectures, projects and cases refl ect reality.

Leading in the world
The railway engineering group at TU Delft is internationally renowned for its research and has strong connections with universities all over the world. A team of forty specialists continuously researches railway infrastructure and rolling stock, to improve the train, tram and metro networks of today and tomorrow. Innovations come from combining knowledge, experience and collaboration and at TU Delft this comes together.