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If you successfully finished the courses Track and Train Interaction, Real-time Operations and Performance over Time, you can enroll for the final project course on to finish the full program and gain the Professional Certificate in Railway Engineering.
TU Delft
  • Online learning

Railway Engineering: Capstone Project

  • Vakcode: RailProfEdD
  • Start: November 04, 2020
  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Credits: 3 CEU
  • 650 euro

This case/project-based course is only available to learners who complete all three courses of our Railway Engineering Program.

The capstone project finalizes your Railway Engineering Program. In place of additional lectures, you will work on a design project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses. You will work on either your own project or on a project provided by the course team. The capstone project will be staff-graded and you will receive personalized guidance and feedback throughout.

Overall, this full program will enable rail professionals in managerial or advisory roles to develop a good operational understanding of a systems view of railway networks to enhance the quality of their investment decisions, innovation initiatives, analysis of technical failures, project documentation and system optimization.

Professional Certificate Program in Railway Engineering

This highly practical program consists of three career-oriented courses plus a capstone project. It will provide you with the appropriate tools and valuable insights in how to adopt this new systems approach to railway engineering and operations. Throughout the program you work on many small projects and real-life cases and then conclude with this capstone project where you will receive personal guidance on a project or case of your choice.

The Capstone Project is only available to learners who complete all three courses of our Railway Engineering Program.