Professional Certificate in Railway Engineering

Improve your strategies and decision making in the design, operation and maintenance of both infrastructure and rolling stock. Learn and apply the skills and knowledge needed to deal with the multifaceted aspects of railway systems. This Professional Certificate Program in Railway Engineering consists of three career-oriented courses plus a capstone project. It is a highly […]

Railway Engineering: Track and Train Interaction

Acquire cutting-edge integrated rail system knowledge and skills to better evaluate railway-related cases and enhance your decision-making process. The world of rail is all about interaction: a complex and interconnected system in which every decision can have a multi-layered impact on its overall performance and reliability. This course will equip you, as a rail professional, […]

Railway Engineering: An Integral Approach

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your train on the right platform at the scheduled time every day? Journey with us into the world of rail – a complex system that connects people, cities and countries. Railway systems entail much more than a train and a track. They are based on advanced […]

Railway Engineering: Real-time Operations

Learn how a systems approach to railway operations can help you to structure, align and optimize the various transport modes, and manage the planning and phases of complex railway systems in a real-time environment. This course will enhance your decision-making abilities and provide you with strategies to ensure greater reliability in ever-changing situations. You will […]

Railway Engineering: Performance over Time

Use a systems approach to monitoring and maintenance of railway assets to enhance their performance and availability, and optimize the use of railway infrastructure and rolling stock from an integral perspective. New technologies applied in railway systems present new challenges. But they also bring opportunities for improving railway operations. As a railway professional, the correct […]

Railway Engineering: Capstone Project

This case/project-based course is only available to learners who complete all three courses of our Railway Engineering Program. The capstone project finalizes your Railway Engineering Program. In place of additional lectures, you will work on a design project that integrates the knowledge and skills gained from the first three courses. You will work on either […]